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by | Nov 27, 2023 | TNXL, Top Headlines

Looking back onto the 2023 season at TNXL Academy I see a very diverse group of athletes, they come from three different countries, four different provinces, multiple different states, and after they say goodbye to the Ducks they go on to twenty different teams or programs. But they have one thing in common – Once a Duck, always a Duck.

You ask how we can make that work? So many different backgrounds and languages, but we’re here to tell you – it’s not just working, we are thriving from the diversity. Learning from culturally different mindsets, incorporating new ideas and approaches in players’ routines, feeding from the fire that is the passion of one set of players, and embracing the grind that only a player that faced the uphill battle of growing up in a country where baseball takes a backseat to other sports could have developed. TNXL brings these players together that have baseball in common, but their path and upbringing is vastly different, and our coaches take each puzzle piece and fit it into the multifaceted team that is the Ducks.